Fly Hunter Demo Released!


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Fly Hunter Demo - OUT NOW
(On Stencyl Arcade, Newgrounds(As of 9/3) and Kongregate(As of 9/3)

The demo for Fly Hunter has been released for Stencyl Arcade!

About Fly Hunter

Fly Hunter is a game about swatting, spraying and zapping your way through waves of enemies until you fight a boss in each stage. Each boss is unique and has a theme to it. Try to beat all of the enemies, clear all of the stages and earn a spot on as many of several platform-specific leaderboards with a very high score!

Cast Of Enemies

Gnat - Randomly wanders about, but will often stop doing so and will attempt
 to attack the player.

Fly - Constantly flies in random directions, but if the player is near, it will
dodge the player.

Hornet - Flies toward the left of the screen, shooting its stinger, in waves.

Mr. B - Has a censored sprite(he's very famous), but will put up a fight within its boundaries.
Flies in a circular motion.

Spider - Moves about and catches an enemy as well as killing it and moving it out of the stage with it.

Silverfish - Flies upward towards the right end of the screen. Grants a 1-Up if several of these are hit in a row.

Bosses(At the moment, full roster in full game coming soon!)

Bot Fly - Shoots lasers and homing plasma blasts and sets up land mines.


Spray Gun - Sprays gas clouds across the stage which kills the enemies and
damages a boss more. Gets lost when the player is hit. A maximum of 2 are
 allowed to be active per stage.

Electric Fly Swatter - Lights up the screen for a quick moment as it
instantly kills an enemy and maximizes damage against a boss. Turns into
 a regular swatter upon getting hit.

1Up - Grants an extra life.

Move Mouse - Move Mouse
Click Mouse - Swat(When mouse is on enemy/boss/powerup)


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Reminds me of gnat attack from Mario Paint. There are a handful of issues with the game though. For one, aside from on the boss, I could never tell how I was taking damage. Secondly, the hornets move way to fast (there should be something that draws attention to an enemy spawning instead of it just popping into existence. Finally, the boss loves to hug corners which leads to some really cheap moments (especially since his mines sort of blend in with him). I like the idea of the game, and could definitely be a fun little time-waster. (P.S if you aren't already, I would recommend that you use HTLM5 instead of Flash since Flash is going under in 2020).
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As for the bot fly boss, I'm actually trying to work on its wandering pattern, as most of the degree parameters I gave it doesn't seem to work as it seems to mostly go down(I once tried using 0 degrees as it would basically be up). The Hornet fires stingers, Mr. B gives you damage if you stay close to him enough, and the gnats tend to bite when they are in attack mode(hint- they rotate before rushing in a certain direction). I just got finished creating another run of the mill enemy and it tends to really take the cake as I just got finished making its fanfare(in Anvil Studio) used for when it's hauling of an enemy from the screen and the scene.

As of the full game, I once lost my other bosses' Inkscape files even though they're pretty cool and I may have to create them again. Two of the extra stages that trigger when a certain holiday comes both have Inkscape files for the enemies and the background as I got finished making the gentleman-based lightning bug that triggers the themes in them a long time ago. For HTML5, it freezes whenever the stage in the demo is cleared. I couldn't find out why.

Did you know that Mr. B was supposed to be the Hudson Bee?

Also, there are plans for an arcade platformer sequel similar to a 1984-1985 arcade title in development.

Extra Note: I am trying to rebuild the generator for the enemies of each stage, but what do you(NerdInANutshell) suppose to mean when there should be something that draws attention to an enemy spawning?

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I think there should be a small poof or cloud of smoke. Something that sticks out from the background and catches the player’s eye
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Since the enemy generator spawns enemies at random coordinates, how would I end up making the spawn animations occur at the same location of the enemies? One solution that I have is to put the same spawning animation on every enemy and boss actor and code every one of them to show their main sprites after it animates a spawn, even though I would think that it is better for them to pop up out of nowhere, due to coding restrictions. This method would take a lot of work as I would have to code each behavior in the  main focus of the game to respond accordingly.


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A slightly updated version of the demo has been uploaded to Newgrounds(with Medals and Leaderboards) and Kongregate(leaderboard to be investigated)! The Bot Fly boss has been tweaked for player ease.


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I've played it a few times and I have to agree with NerdinaNutshell that there are a few issues. It's still not clear to me why I'm taking damage. Are they attacking the location of the mouse? If so, it's not apparent.  Before an attack, enemies should give you a clear warning. E.g a red flashing which gets quicker.

As for spawning, there's different ways of doing it. For example you could have a pupa appear which is harmless until an insect spawns from it. The graphics and UI need quite a bit of work, however, the game kept me interested enough to keep playing until I beat it, so you're doing something right. Some good gameplay is there.

About the boss level though, I must have reached it 6 or so times and it went on for ages (until I lost) but on the last run I beat it really quickly, and I don't know why.

I didn't get the Hudson Bee reference, though I have seen it before. Maybe parody it instead of hiding it.
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I agree that I should parody the Hudson Bee instead of hiding it. I was inspired in awe by the original as I had several flash movies in mind for the enemies and bosses to back up the game's full run.  However, I did update the game's description and stated earlier in this thread  about the enemies to address the issue.  The Bot Fly boss tends to shoot homing balls of plasma and lasers and lays down land mines.

Very soon, I plan to give the demo's second leaderboard a purpose and add two intended enemies to the demo. I really do try to keep up with the hitboxes of the game as they're all basically boxes and circles covering their image sizes. So, it could be that.

By the way, didn't anyone find the secret options menu on the title screen? One must have either seen it to get to the top of the leaderboard(NG) or has been very good.


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UPDATE(9/13/2019): Updated the leaderboard(NG) files as the boss' leaderboard isn't responding and the game with placemarker animations and 2 new enemies. Look out for them shortly as I'll be remaking one of the enemies soon.


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UPDATE(9/14/2019): Game has been fixed for Stencyl Arcade and Kongregate!