how to stick an arm on a body


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I've read about this and tried to understand what to do but I can't seem to stick an arm onto a body! When I add the code attached I come up with an arm that floats away from the body. When I play with stick joints I seem to either crash the game or I cannot get the joint to attach in the right place. I cannot seem to customise where the joint appears as it always appears at the centre of the character in the scene editor. 

Here is a link of what I am trying achieve the arm from this game here:

Any help would be great! Thanks.


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Also..there is a rag doll example in the forge you can download ... has a  person made of joints, you can see how its done


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Thanks - I was able to pick apart the rag doll extension and now have the arm stuck to the body and behaving how I wanted it to!

Here is the code for reference should anyone come across the same issue.