A few more questions I hope you can help me


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Hi, I'm continuing to build my "game" and have come across a few more setbacks, understand things that I'm unable to do, so I will once again ask for your help.  :D

1. Is it possible to count the time it takes the player to win the whole game? I don't know if it's important, but I have some scenes that are just text and so they can't count as game time. And how did I build a table with the best times in the end? I just want to add a function in the start menu that allows me to see the best times.

2. I want to add the Pause Game function (I've seen a forum post). Will this affect the question I posed above? If so how do I prevent this from happening.

3. How do I get an item in the scene that allows the Player to earn an extra life by picking up that item? And how do I get the Player to pick up this item?

4. How do I make my Player "invincible" for a few seconds when he colliding with enemies? Sometimes he dies very quickly from being surrounded by various enemies...

Again I ask if is possível you explain the things step by step because I really new in this "making game" world.

Thank you in advance for your help and patience to help me. It has been extraordinary.  ;)


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1. With a behaviour attached to all scenes you want to include you can have an attribute that increases every second. Use a global map or list.

2. Use a boolean in your timer behaviour. Best to use a custom event that triggers itself every second.

When created
Trigger TIMER
When TIMER happens
If PAUSED = false
Increment NUMBER by 1
Do after 1 second
Trigger TIMER

3. You need to detect the collisions, then it's a case of destroying the item

When ITEM is killed
Increment LIVES by 1

4. Booleans

Set INVINCIBLE to true
Decrement LIVES by 1
Do after 2 seconds
Set INVINCIBLE to false


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Hi, JeffreyDriver thanks for the reply.  :D

Looks that point 1 and 2 are very worky, so I go start for the point 3 and 4.

I understanded what you explained in point 3. And I feel that I can do that. Is just use the Increment. Looks good.

In point 4, I don't understanded very weel. Its a game or a player attribute? And is a When Update? If you can post a print screen, I thank you very much.

Thanks for the help. ;)