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Hi everyone!

Over the years I have shared behaviors, either here or on the late Stencylforge, for everyone to use. Most of these public behaviors are way outdate compared to the versions I kept working on, so I decided to make a collection of them in a single resource pack and put them on Most of them have been public for a while, and some of them are brand new. They'll work in both public and private builds of Stencyl, and can be used in any type or genre of game you're making.

You can download it here.

Here is the full list:
Actor Aura: creates an aura for the actor, based on its animation.
Actor Parallax: enable parallax scrolling for individual actors.
After Image: draw after images for your actors.
Color Swap: swaps colors for the actor. Comes with custom blocks to apply effects and change opacity of the color swapped image.
Die Over Time: erases an actor over time, with the option for different times based on its animation. This can be used to have several particles as animations in one single Actor Type.
Light Source: allows your actor to create a light source that masks the tint screen effect.
Particles: create several types of particles for your actors.
Player Control: platformer m​ovement behavior, includes horizontal movement, jumping, facing, slope detection and semi-solid platforms. This is the only "genre specific" behavior.
Resize Scene Menu Window: resize actors using the "9-slice" method.
Save Actors: save actors created at runtime, to be loaded when you return to a scene.
​Save Scene Actor State​: saves the position and attributes of actors placed in the Scene Designer.
Save Status: save attributes and actor values for your actors across multiple scenes.
Scene Soundtrack: handles soundtrack options for your scenes.
Slide Camera: provides a custom block to slide the camera.
Time Count: customize several timers that can work simultaneously, with a variety of saving options.
Tint Screen: applies as many tint screen effects as you want.

These are pay what you want. You get the resource pack (a .png which you can import into Stencyl under File > Import Resource - that is the resource pack) and documentation for them in a .rar file.

I have another resource pack in the works, this one for cutscenes, which will come out relatively soon. And all this works feeds back into my RPG Platformer Kit as well, which will come out... eventually.

Let me know either here or on the discord server if you have any questions or problems with it.


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Wow!  Looks great!  I'll try and donate when I get back to making games.  I'm waiting for the rpg platformer to make Huck n barrel!  ;)


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Quick Update for this pack:

Time Count behavior had some inconsistencies between the documentation and the accepted values for the draw modes. Updated both to reflect that.

You now set the timer separators in the Timer Settings list itself, for each individual timer.
I have my Stencyl resources available here:


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Big Update:
I added a Color Swap behavior, in the style of megaman. You set color modes in a map, that swap colors in batches.

It comes with the following custom blocks:
-SwapColorMode: sets the color mode for the given actor.
-EffectColorSwap: applies an actor effect to the color swap image. If the actor is not using a color swap, the effect will be applied to the actor.
-OpacityColorSwap: sets the opacity for the color swap image over time. If the actor is not using a color swap, the opacity will be set for the actor.

The After Image and Actor Aura behaviors were also updated to use the color swap as well. If you just want the new behavior, download the attachment. Extract it, and import into your game. But if you want the Actor Aura and After Image updates, redownload the resource pack. You'll have to remove the old one from your game.
I have my Stencyl resources available here:


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Another significant update. While I was working on the cutscenes pack, I ran into some issues that would require some major work. I decided to do it, and the end result is a new behavior that is now included in this resource pack:
Player Control: platformer movement behavior, includes horizontal movement, jumping, facing, slope detection, animations, camera follow and semi-solid platforms. All the movement code is in custom events which can be called from other behaviors. This means you can use this behavior on other actors that are not the player, and have the game control their movement through these triggers.

If you had trouble with slopes, or wanted semi-solid platforms (also known as jump-through platforms) and never knew how to do it, this behaviors does it all. I personally don't usually cram non-related features into a single behavior, but I made an exception to make it easier to share.

Also added another behavior that I simply forgot:

Save Scene Actor State: saves the position and attributes of actors placed in the Scene Designer.

If you place an actor in the scene designer, and want to save its position so that when you return to that scene it is where you left it, this behavior covers it. It can also stores attributes and actor values for that actor. The information is saved individually for each instance of the actor, tied to the scene they are in.

There are also additions to the Actor Aura and After Image behaviors: they now have attributes which you can save to keep track of the last used aura and after image presets.

As always, you can download the updated version in my page.

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I have my Stencyl resources available here: