All Actors Walking Through Walls


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I have tried searching the forums and Stencylpedia for hours, and still can't find a solution to this issue.

My actors, both enemies and players, are passing through all of the walls. The walls have been correctly set up with square collision boxes, and the actors are normal actor types (i.e., "cannot be pushed" is not selected). The floor tiles have no collision boxes. These seem to be the most common reasons for issues with passing through walls.

I've verified that actors can't pass through the other actors in the scene, too, in case that helps.

Are there other settings that could be interfering with tile collision boxes working correctly? Thanks for any suggestions or ideas you have for figuring this out!


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Make sure the collision groups are set correctly.

If that's not it, what are you using for your walking code? It is possible to "override" physics... for example, by setting the x and y positions manually.


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Thanks for the response! It turns out I was looking in the wrong places to make sure collisions were set properly. I thought it was all dependent on collision bounds and the groups actors were assigned to.

When I figured out I needed to go into settings and change the collision settings for Players there, that solved the problem!