Games that inspire you.


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(yes, that's a tittle of a game)

And a brilliant title, at at. It works on like 3 different levels.


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(yes, that's a tittle of a game)
By your name, I'd expect Portal. :P
And yeah, VVVVVV is a great game. I love retro games.
Johnny Turbo's Surgery Frenzy

Kingdom hearts has to be a HUGE inspiration for me.
Every time I play it,it's like there is a magical feeling and once the game ends,I feel sad in a way.


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well, my next title code named D&B is inspired by loco roco for the PSP


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I love games and I get so many ideas from them, but inspiration comes from everywhere. I don't think I shared this before but I'd located the image so I thought I would.

This image directly inspired the ideas behind the game that became Dreaming Big.
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Yoshi's Island is to me, one of the funnest games ever. Its art style is so unique but fun and the gameplay is still very unique. It's inspired all of my work in some way.


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Persona 3, Yume Nikki, Katawa Shoujo, Techno Kitten Adventure, LSD (for PS1). I love the kind of games that stay with you after you play them, whether it be in a good or bad way! Great music is always a plus, too.


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Outland and Super Meat Boy. Also the vast array of IOS RPG's like Zenonia and Exitium that I find amazing.
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Dungeon Defenders
Pokemon (not kidding)


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MARDEK Series, Golden Sun Series, and lots more RPGs
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Hitman series is the best game I played ever. But I love Mario too.

ATM The Dishwasher: VAmpire Smile, its inspired me and ruined me all at once. Its the sort of game i would love to make and within my vision, yet the one that is far far beyond my reach.


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Where to find VAmpire Smile ???



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I'm super jelly of my friend Eli Piilonen and his awesome games like Spewer and The Company of Myself. Also most of Ben Olding's games.


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I like Fancy Pants,  It amaze me every time I play it.