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This is a free/pay what you want resource pack that you can use to include RPG elements in your game, which are behaviors that handles character growth through statistics.
It is compatible with my Miscellaneous Behaviors pack, meaning you can import both packs into your games. It is even recommended you get that, to make use of the Save Status behavior to save the character progression information, specially when using multiple characters. It is not required though: the RPG Elements pack by itself has simple saving options.

My Cutscene Resource Pack already has everything you can find here, but with new features for these behaviors, as well as behaviors that can interact with the RPG elements.

Can I see it in action?
Since this resource pack is an isolated, standalone version of the behaviors I use in my RPG Platformer Kit, you can see it in action here.

So, what is included?
  • Character Status: create as many character status as you want, set their progression through levels, and you can even set the behavior to automatically complete the progression up to the character's maximum level. Also handles temporary and permanent modifiers.
  • Combat Statistics: define combat statistics, by creating your own formulas using character status, attributes and actor values. These statistics can be used for anything, not only combat. You can create statistics for actor damage and for jumping force, for example.
  • Damage Type Modifier: specify weakness and resistance to specific damage types. Also handles temporary and permanent modifiers.
  • Difficulty Mode: change attributes or actor values and even kill actors when loaded, based on the difficulty setting. You can define a global difficulty, or difficulty per actor.
  • Equipment: define equipment slots for your actor, and the properties of each piece of equipment. You can also create an actor that will be attached, constantly having its animation set to the animation of your character. This can be used to create graphics for your equipment that follow your character.
  • Experience: handles character level. You can manually set the required experience for each level, or have the behavior automatically complete the required experience up to the character's maximum level. Also handles the learn set of skills per level, and has several display options, using actors and drawing.
  • Font by Name: this comes with a custom block that returns a font given its name. No need to attach it to anything.
  • Inventory: manages actor items. There are several options such as single or multi-stack, limit item slots and specify maximum capacity of individual items.
  • Money: manages actor money.
  • Resize Menu Window: resizes actors using a "9-slice" method. Used in the Screen Message behavior.
  • Screen Message: display messages on screen for this actor. You can specify their position, how many to display at once and what happens to excess messages. Use for the Inventory, Money and Experience behaviors to show messages when getting items/money, leveling up or learning skills.
  • Status Condition Manager: handles status condition resistances. Also handles temporary and permanent modifiers. This just handles the resistances and the list of inflicted status conditions, by unifying the information from other behaviors that handle status conditions such as poison and paralyze, for example.
  • Use Skill: handles character skills, and you can cycle through specified active skills, as well as display the currently selected skill on screen.

All behaviors have drawing or debug functions, allowing you to check if the values are working as you intended, helping you fine-tune everything.

What is the difference between these and the ones in the Cutscenes Resource Pack?
The Experience behavior has the option to display a floating message on received experience and level up. You can also specify an increase in the level of a charge type on level up.

There is a new behavior called Charge, which enables your actor to charge, either automatically or with a control held, like in games such as Mega Man X and Secret of Mana. You specify different charge types and maximum levels for each one, and can increase those levels individually. You also set events to happen while charging and releasing a charge.

All the custom blocks are integrated into the scripting method of the Cutscenes Resource Pack, so you can create cutscenes that teach skills or add items to your characters for example.

How do I use it?
Once you attach the behaviors to your actors and configure them, you can use the provided custom blocks to integrate these RPG elements into your own game. There are custom blocks that returns character status, combat statistics and status condition resistance, add and remove items and skill, add temporary or permanent modifiers, change equipment and modify a number based on the damage type resistance.

I want to try it out, where do I get it?
Well, here is the thing: if you've been following the Cutscene Resource Pack thread, you might've seen that right now the access to the itchio page is restricted to Stencyl subscribers only upon request. That is because there is a bug on the current public release of Stencyl that breaks the resource pack when you import it on b10300, rendering it barely usable if at all. The current private release of Stencyl already has that bug fixed, hence why it is restricted.

So you probably guessed where this is going: that bug affects this resource pack as well. Once the next public release of Stencyl drops, I'll make this resource pack available to everyone.

But meanwhile, I need community input: is there interest among Stencyl subscribers to get this resource pack now? I'm guessing it would be people who want any of these features, but don't want the Cutscene Resource Pack  (or don't want it now). The itchio page for this pack is already done, I can just set it to restricted and provide access on request via private messages. I could just wait for the next public release, but there might be people who can make use of this right now. I also fear that just making the page public and warning of the bug might just drive people away from it.

So reply here or ping me on Discord if you are interested in the restricted access for now. And to everyone, feel free to ask about the features of this resource pack, I'll gladly answer any questions you might have.
I have my Stencyl behaviors and resource packs available here: