Behaviors don't work.


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Hey, i'm making my first game in stencyl, a platformer. I have been trying to use the "Jump and Run" behavior that came with stencyl. It did nothing. So I use the "Platformer Movement" resource pack behaviors. That also did nothing. So my not very big brain decides to make it all by himself and then realized he wasn't smart enough to do it, followed the guide, got more confused and is making a forum post now.  :-\


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It did nothing.
What do you mean by that: do you press the keys and nothing happens? What are the physics settings for your actor? Is it set to cannot move? Do you have any code in its events tab that's preventing its movement? If you remove all behaviors and just use the "jump and run movement" behavior, can you get your actor to move?
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I usually use that prepackaged code only to get ideas and learn stuff. Once I've done that, I strip it to what makes sense for me or start over with my own. It's your first game, try not to get disappointed. Even though Stencyl makes it pretty easy, it still takes a lot of learning. (Check out my signature.) The biggest help for me is doing the tutorial games. I usually don't want to, but I'm always glad I did. It costs much less time in the long run. Good luck.

PS. it also helps to make a smaller test game using only what you are trying to learn.
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