Kai-OS Extension


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Kai-OS Extension
Works on HTML5

Call the Stencyl block in your game when you want to display the ad (either real ads or demo) - fullscreen ads only at the moment

- One simple Stencyl block
- Only requires your 'publisher ID', 'Game name' & 'ad type'
- See the game name in your reports
- Stops users from scrolling below the ad, which can happen on certain devices

Get it

- https://github.com/zerosimms/KiaOSAds/tree/master/Extension


One block, call it when you need it and add your 'Publisher ID', 'App Name', the name you want to show in your reports and the 'Test Flag' 1 = Test ads will display, 0 = Real ads will display


Kai-Os Block

- Publisher ID (as Text)
- App Name (as Text)
- Test Flag (as Number)

An ad.

Version History

Use this section to record updates and changes to the extension.

Electric Fruit

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Thanks for this.

 I have been following your progress on twitter are you having much success with you Kai-Os games?


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