What is the point of "Actor Attribute"?


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I'm trying to use the actor attribute to move an actor around from a behavior that isn't attached to said actor. I set "Actor_1" to last created actor and now I am able to draw the "Actor_1"'s  postion, width, etc... but if I try to move, resize, or anything else it doesn't work. I cannot interact with that actor using the "Actor_1" attribute besides drawing certain info about it.

Am I totally missing something or is this supposed to work? I don't see why I can access the actor's info with an actor attribute but not do anything else.


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Post a screenshot of your code attempts to interact with said actor.

Do note that, depending on what your "Actor_1" has attached to it in terms of behaviors or code or its physic ssettings, you might have stuff in conflict with each other, preventing you from doing whatever it is you are trying to do.
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I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. I tried it on a new game and it worked and then tried it again in my game where it wasn't working and it started to work... I tried to figure it out since you said it should work before posting again and wasting everyone's time. Thanks!!