Categories or keywords on stencylforge


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Hello there,

I think it would be useful if Forge had either categories or keywords to better organize the resources.

I know that it has already the sorting / filtering modes (Most Useful, Most Downloads, Newest, Highest Rated) and you can do a text search for words in the description and I also know that forge organizes different types of resources (actors, logic, etc) so:

-Encouraging the adding of a keywords when uploading/sharing ( the words might be from a fixed list made by the Stencyl team) would allow a quicker indexing and browsing through the resources. Like "Platform" "RPG" "shooter" "multiplayer" "AI" and so.

Many people already does this adding words to description, it would just be a matter of making it official

Best regards

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 I agree that it needs a better access to the uploaded material, Perhaps voted orientation of inputs?