The Binding Force Demo


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Has anyone gotten a chance to check out an update? The controls should feel more tight.


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With this update, I feel more comfortable trying risky jumps. One example is in the sword room, where you have two platforms in the laval pool, and the dorp slimes above. With this update, I was able to go through this without waiting for the slimes to drop, and knowing I could pull that off.

But I had no problems with the way it was before.
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I can't pass over the first lap when you press the button. Seriously, i have tried but i can't. Am i missing something?


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I don't understand. Are you trying to jump over something? If you're trying to jump over a gap that's to the right over you, start holding the right arrow key and the jump key at the same time when you're next to the edge.

EDIT: Are you talking about the bridge that you raise with the button? Just stand on it until the bridge is as high as it can get and then go for it. Remember to hold the jump button to jump higher!


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I'm going to start posting weekly progress updates every Sunday on my website. This ensures that I work on my game daily, because if I don't then everyone will see! (or they have the potential of seeing)

Weekly progress update one!¡!¡!¡!¡!


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Oh, I see what you did there...

Very nice. I also read the post before that about the GREAT SECREET TO MAKIN GAME...but in all seriousness it's a great tip. I've fallen into not working on a game many a time because I got caught up with something one day, which turned ito a week, into two weeks, which turned into working on it, to 3 days of no progress... come th think of it, I'm going to get working. Othx.



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Man Irock, can't wait to see that moving platform. Gonna be good.


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Kcori Game Studioz® presents weekly progress update two. Seventeen enemies may or may not be revealed in this post. (It's actually two)


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I love this game so much, the orange boss thingy took me a while to defeat, good job.


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Here is the best trailer ever.

Take care.


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lol nice trailer :D what did you use to record it?

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You're gonna go far, keep it up.


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I think I found a bug for you. If I kill the first boss (orange, square) and die at the same time, I start from the last checkpoint without being able to shoot or jump. First I though this is very unlikely and started a new game but it repeated two more times, so it may be unlikely but with my playing style it happens a lot :)


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Yeah I think I saw that. Haha. Oh well.
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