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Flite Extension

( It is not yet finished nor uploaded)

( I kind of use it as a journal )

What is Flite ?

Flite is an open source small fast run-time text to speech engine.

You can test it here on android on google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.shallowmallow.speech.tts.flite  and hopefully soon on f-droid.

Could it be be useful for a normal Stencyl Game ?

Hum, I don't know.

It could be cool to have 4 or 5 voices and use them for different characters in a game for example.

But the problem is that most English voices are quite big > 20 Mo .  ( Even though I could I have  some at less )

So why a Stencyl extension ?

Part of bigger project

It's a part of a bigger project. I actually want to do Flite Api  in haxe . This for multiple reasons.

  • I could then do GUI for flite in plenty of platforms and make Flite more accessible.
  • When I write code for Flite ,  I could write in Haxe and not "pollute" the original Flite code
  • I'm actually maintaining an android app.  And it has C++ and I don't like it. In the future , I'll try to use this api for the android app.
Part of a much bigger project

Which why I'm not so much on this forum lately ....

Basically I want to make plenty of voices for some "forgotten languages".

Interesting technically

It's the first I'm doing a pure C extension  / not android/ not IOS.

For now, it works basically , on android and linux.

I plan it to make it work on HTML5 with emscripten too .

If I'm able to do it. I'll be able to do more extensions of other interesting programs. :)


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Could Flite be used for desktop and Cppia, too? I have some very extremely good ideas for it in a huge video game project...


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Hi Mineat. It works on desktop, never tested it on CPPIA,  but logically should work. Did you try the voices ? :)