EVO! Building and updating my first video-game


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For a future reference.

With 0 coding skills I have to give a big thanks to Stencyl and its community.   ;)
Building a small game has always been a thing on my bucket list.  :)

I am very happy to have managed to post it on Kongregate and even if the first opinions haven't been good  ;D, they motivated me to adapt this small game from: quoted ''A clicker game that doesn’t even have upgrades? Feels like an animation showcase'' to a small game with upgrades and a constant saving system tied to a game attribute.

At the moment it does look like an animation showcase, but in 1 week time I hope to have added at least 9 different types of upgrades, so adding an extra difficulty.

Thank you Stencyl.


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I managed to have more control on game attributes and create upgrades that give a very slight deep for this oversimple clicking game, as more power per click and autoclick per second, these ones subdivide in 3 different branches.

Furthermore, still using game attributes now the game autosaves after everyclick.
I did not add any volume settings, yet -  or maybe never on this simple game.
I did not count for pc usage, as I am very ignorant on pretty much everything.


I'd like to create later (when?) a bigger game where (1) multiple people play from a small cell to a bigger being, either eating other players or NPC's may evolve and so on.  (2) Everyone will move on the same plane/scene/layer/background.
I dunno how to do either, but hope to find a way (using servers?).

P.S. There are 13 straightforward levels or evolutions.


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That is really awesome. Congrats!


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Idle game is really a hard type of game to make excitement
when the grinding part is not speedy or insane or mad

However a nice pet game
if ignore idle game, the genre.


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Button click game?