Laggy motion at 60 FPS


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Hello !

Whereas my game is always at 60 FPS, the motion of my actors is sometimes jittering / laggy.
This occurs frequently on Flash Player & Android, and never on HTML5 where the game is very fluid.
The problem is I want to publish it on Android.

Also, memory use stays between 25 and 30 on HTML5 whereas it is around 100 on Flash Player & Android.

The motion is set once when the actor is created with "set x-speed".
The actor collides only with the floor.
Damping is set to 0 for the actor.
Friction is set to 0 for both the actor and the ground.

Do you know what the problem could be ?


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You can try this plugin for smooth motion,26967.0.html
not sure is it working or not with the newest stencyl version


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Thank you very much!

I just tried the extension.
Unfortunately, it doesn't resolve the jittering on Flash Player and Android, even if it looks good on HTML5.
I tried many different settings but the extension doesn't help and makes the things worse in my case...
The jittering must come from another source than the one taken care of by the extension.

I tried a very simple code in a blank game (see attachment) and the jittering persists.
I therefore assume it might be a problem with the engine.