What do these entities mean?


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I've recently begun using HxScout to begin optimizing my game, and have used it to pinpoint and optimize behaviors / code that were clearly causing the game to hang or slow down. However, my game still suffers from small, arbitrary lag spikes, and I didn't know where that could be coming from, so I setup a blank, black scene with only two actors in it, and ran HxScout. From my current understanding, these lag spikes are caused by the game spending time on lime._internal.backend.native.NativeWindow.contextflip and openfl Context3d rendering, but I don't know what either of those pieces of information are telling me to do in terms of optimization. From my understanding, neither of them are directly pointing a finger towards any particular event, behavior, or function related to either actor,  but there are no lag spikes if I just remove the actors entirely, so I know there's a problem somewhere with them, but I don't know what HxScout is directing me to.

The screenshots below are from sessions of just a blank, 1440x1440 scene with only the two actors inside.