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Hello fellow Stencylers, hope everybody is ok out there.

Thought I'd throw together a quick journal for my Jam entry as there doesn't seem to be much action on the forums at the moment.

So here goes.

Initially I really struggled to come up with an idea that fit the theme so I started to just prototype some stuff out and see where it went. This lead me to throw together 2 quick games neither of which really seemed doable in the time frame I had left.

The first was a incremental puzzle game about reseting a factory. The idea was pretty good and I might come back to it later but the testing it would need to be playable meant it wasn't a good fit for the Jam.

The second idea I had was to play on the notion of a platform  level resetting itself every time you reach the goal. The level would reset it's self each time you reached the goal but the players abilities would change each time meaning they would have to complete the level again with a different set of abilities.  After spending an afternoon on this idea and throwing to together some gameplay and some art work I realized I was basically remaking "There Is Only One Level" so I abandoned that and tried to take the same  idea a little further.

So my final idea is this. You play the part of an enemy in a platform game and you must stop the player from getting to the exit. This idea doesn't utilize the Reset theme as deeply as I would have liked but the reset mechanic is used very heavily in the gameplay so I'm hoping it counts. Either way I think I have an Idea and I have 4 days left to finish it off - better get going.

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Reset the x position.

= look like teleport

What? You reset my x position
to let your car wins in racing game LMAO?

Reset battleship size.

= stat debuff

What? You saved the penguin in South Pole!
(but passengers dropped from sky and die in sea)

That is reset [___________]
to make how evil it can be


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A little over a day and a half in and I've got something I'm fairly happy with. The idea behind the game is that you are a Thwomp style enemy in a platform game and your job is to stop the player from reaching the end of the level. I've uploaded what I've got so far to the Arcade if anybody wants to take a look.


If you have the time it would be awesome if you could check it out and let me know how the difficulty curve is working out.

For the time being I'm using some art assets from Pixel Frog I found on Itch.io. You should check him out his art is awesome.

Ok, now I really need to work on some more levels.........


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Jam Entry is finished and uploaded to itch. Looking forward to playing the other entries.

I will probably write a short post tomorrow about the game and how it all went (as well as prettying up the games page on itch)