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R e s e t   W o r l d

Here is my entry for Stencyl Jam 19. The working title was "Reset World". I ended up liking the title so I kept it. It's a simple game--actually a variation of "Abelian", my first ever Ludum Dare entry. The premise is the same: get to the other end of the screen and hit the switch to reset the level. I think the ideal fits better into the "reset" theme than it did "entire level on one screen".

Each level is procedurally generated. I've been extremely busy at work, so my main criteria for my game was scalability. I wanted it to be easy to get something playable, then easy to expand. In the end, I have 4 different worlds (forest, plains, island, industry), each with 4 possible 'gimmicks', 3 to 5 variations in landscape each, and 3 possibilities for 'general' enemies. I'd say there's at least 20 or so variations on levels that feel fundamentally different.

This was the first game where I made my own background music from scratch. My usual go-to tool is Abundant-Music. This time I used BeepBox.

Overall I'm happy with the outcome. I would've liked to have added more, but I think I used the time I had about as well as I could've.