Creating a very specific death animation - help please


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The long version is that I'm making an RPG called Fable (which is basically a deltarune knockoff) and I would like to have a very specific death animation. I haven't decided on the battle system (please help there too) but when the character dies, they "wake up" from the "dream", and appear in the last bed they slept in. They need to fall apart like in Endgame, then drift off in the wind, leaving a six-pointed star in their place (the core). I can't draw - otherwise, I'd just animate it - and anyway some randomness would be nice.

Long story short: I need my character to collapse into black chowder, which drifts away, revealing a six-pointed star.

thanks in advance


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You could achieve the collapse effect with the Image API -

The star could also be done using the Image API, or it could be an actor.