Ticking Issue Again


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I've had this problem before when I want something to only execute once but it happesn hundreads of times. I can't use the same fix as last time however. All I want to do is increase the number on a list by one. Any way of doing this?
(I thought about using increment by one but the blocks didn't connect)


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When updating events run 100 times per second, so custom events are usually a good way to deal with stuff like this. What you can do here is to set 'Enemy 1' to false immediately before the 'replace item' block.


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Thanks for the quick reply,
I tried what you said but it's still executing too many times. The initial value on the list is "5" but after this event happens it jumps to 639 (?)
After testing the scene twice more I had very weird results. Once the number wass 1000-odd and then 2000-odd.. So it's not even consistent

EDIT: I've got it working! I used what @Luyren talked about in his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j10SMwy2prM about using booleans and the not command.
Still weird why it didn't work though. Any idea?

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You were checking if Enemy was true, sure, but there was nothing setting it to false, so it kept executing. The "Stop" block only stops the execution of the code for that frame, and everything before it executes as normal. If you had stuff below the stop block, it wouldn't execute. That's why your first implementation wasn't working as you intended.
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