Better way for calling out emoticons


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I'm creating a pet simulator where the happiness, hunger and dirty meters will determine what emoticon will be shown when player clicks on the pet.

I'm not good at programming, so I thought of setting conditions for which emoticon to be called out. But this creates problems because 2 or more emoticons were called out instead of 1.

Is there a better and more organized way of doing this?


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The first thing which comes to mind is to have one emoticon and have each state as an animation rather than have loads of different actors. You could then also do away with all those custom events, keeping 'CreateEmoticon'.

You could also have the Emoticon always there, but just show/hide it as needed.

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Hi Jeffrey,
I think I understand what you mean by using animation.

But wouldn't this also lead to the same problem as mine, where more than 1 emoticon gets created, or in your case, maybe it'll have some issues with creating/deciding which animation to play?

The problem with what I did was that more than 1 emoticon was created because 2 conditions was fulfilled, which cause it to trigger 2 events, therefore having 2 emoticons.


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I just had an idea of using List.

Each time the player clicks on the pet, based on the conditions, it'll add the emoticon to the List and calls the item in the list at random.

But I've not used List before and don't know how it works and if it's a better option.


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Is there a way to add Actors to List? So far I only see that I can add Type of Actor and Group of Actor.


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See attached. You can add anything to lists.
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