Is there a way to automatically close a dialog (using dialog extension)?


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In my title scene (first scene that loads) there eventually comes a part when the player has to select a character (out of 8 possible characters). The characters are loaded as actors in the middle of the screen.
What I want to do is when the mouse hovers over one of those actors, a dialog pops up at the bottom, saying something different about each character.
(eg. If I hover over "knight", the dialog says "A knight"; if I hover over "wizard", the dialog says "A wizard".)

But I'm unable to figure out how to make those dialogs disappear automatically. I get that I could put a <but><end> or <bc><end> but I don't want the player to have to press a button to close that dialog. I want it to close on its own as soon as the mouse is moved away from the character.
Is there a way to do that?


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How did you achieve to make them appear?
Basically making them disappearing is the same. You make if statement checking if mouse still hovering over an actor if not, then you delete the created actor. You can make a relation using ACTOR attribute. Just basically set Actor value to the created dialog and then delete that actor when mouse is not over a character.