How do I make sounds turn off even when the scene changes? [SOLVED]


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I have two different volume control actors for music and sound; each have this event.   I got this code from a previous post on here. Both of the events (for game volume and music) are exactly the same as each other, other than the names. This one for music, and the other for sound. Music is played on channel 0 and sound effects on channel 1.

I don't know how to change this, but these buttons only turn off and on the music and sound effects for the scene they are on (the title scene) and not for the whole game. How would I go about making volume changes for the whole game and not just this one title scene.

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The image for the code did not work, I don't think it is too important, but it will probably help. Here is link. I'm sorry I don't know how to post just an image here :/


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You have to use the global volume block.
If you want different volumes for different channels, you have to set the volume after playing the sound. That's because setting the volume of a channel only affects channels with a sound currently playing on it.
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Ok so like, I actually came up with a solution while I was going to bed, and I just woke up and tired it. It works, but it's kinda ghetto.  I just have an if statement before every sound that is if Music Muted = false, or if game muted = false play sound. It's a pain to implement on every sound, but it works I guess.


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If in every scene you have the type, you can just add this code to a player actor type