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Where I can buy art for my game and everything having to do with the artistic and I'm just a programmer.


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Well, there are a lot of free game assets out there to download. This thread has some suggested links under Graphics/Visual.


Beyond that, most game art really isn't "for sale," exactly. You would need to find an artist and commission work from them.

This is a thread where you can make requests:


Read the stickied post at the top before making a request. If you're a programmer, you might be able to trade your programming skills with an artist for art for your game.


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I would work up your game with placeholder art so that you make sure the game itself is fun you can always plug in the art.


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You Can Do this Stuff Lots of Places. You Can Download Inkscape, you Can Purchase a Tablet, you Can Get a Photoshop Tool, Lots More! buy the Way, Tablets are Extremely Expensive.


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No need for photoshop, there are many free tools available.


But making art is hard. many people will gladly commission for ya.

You could maybe ask Strasteo. He's good with stencyl, but he's also good at art!
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Www.guru.com I think is a place where you can post jobs/budgets. A lot of people will work for 8$ an hour


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Thank you all for your suggestions


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Much will it cost this kind of work Character design
Game Art
Menu design
HUD design
icon design
Concept Art
Character Art
Environment Art

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Try stencylforge in stencylworks. There are some actors and tiles you can add to your game.


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If you want to commission someone to create artwork or other creative assets for you, you could have a look at vworker.com which is a site for both finding and commissioning freelance workers.

I have used vworker both for finding people to do work for me and also for finding freelance jobs, and I have found it to be excellent. All money is escrowed, so the freelancer doesn't get paid unless the job is done to specification, and the person who commissioned the job cannot take the work and fail to pay. The arbitration service is excellent.

There is also a site called 99designs.com which is used for commissioning artwork 'competitions'. Basically, you provide a specification and you are provided with artwork from several freelancers. You then choose the artwork you want and pay for it. I have not used this service, but it seems to be popular.
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