TigerLily: Escape The Dungeon -My First Game- :)


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Hello peeps, this is my first attempt at making my own game. This is also my first attempt at making pixel art for a game, so please forgive that both are not the highest of quality. The goal of the game is to fight your way through 9 rooms and kill a boss at the end. The game is kind of hard, but I find it fun, and so do the people I asked to test it. Anyway, I hope you guys like TigerLily: Escape The Dungeon.


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pretty rad for your first attempt. and you're right, its hard.


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What I liked:
- Nice old-school looks
- Pleasant music and SFX
- Dynamics
- Combination of enemies with different behaviours

What frustrated me:
- Difficuty curve. The first level is basically chill-out, the second is a hardcore nightmare. Made me drop the game after a dozen attempts.
 - Controls. Moving with AWSD and turning with the mouse felt awkward. You may improve this if you constantly turn the avatar to follow the pointer. Currently there's no way to know where it's looking (and in what direction it's going to shoot).

Overall, a nice game, well done! 


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Really great attempt. Impressive for a first game.

The second level seems out of place. Seems like it should be towards the end because of how difficult it is.

I got to the boss but gave up, purely because there's no health bar. I had no idea I was going to be battling for. Lack of health bars in the biggest issue. Second, it really needs auto fire option, or at lest fire on the mouse being held down.

Another big reason for giving up was the boss' movement. It moves faster than the player, and it's random. I had a few attempts where it seemed to follow me and it was impossible to escape. It was pretty much over me the entire time. A pattern with tells would be fairer.