Creating Collision Shapes for Actors

I have this scenario where creating a collision shape for an actor would fix I minor inconvience where I don't want the actor to be hurt unless the actor is dead. But this actor revolves around the other actor making hitting the other actor a pain if I use Invincibility. I was thinking that I could create a collision shape for each of the revolving actors once the other actor is defeated. So I have five actors "children" revolving around another actor "parent", and you have to defeat the parent in order to damage the children.

Option 1 is the easy way to do this. We basically make the children invincible and then turn it off when the parent dies, but we have a problem. They will block the bullets, and I don't want that.

Option 2 is to use a region as a collision box and just continuous set the x and y of the region to th e actor's x and y position. But I'll have to use code blocks because there isn't a block for destroying regions, nor is there one for creating circular regions. Good method but messy.

Option 3 is to create a circular collision shape when the parent dies. That would be the best method in my opinion but would require a large code block.

My question is this. What would the code be for creating a circular collision shape with an x and y position of 0 "in actor space" and a radius of 8? Also the group is called Asteroids and it needs to be a sensor.


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Why not just have 2 animations, one sensor and one not. when parent dies, switch to non sensor