Spice Evaders - The Extra Hot Shooting Challenge

Hello everyone. I haven't really posted in the forums but I lurk time to time. Over the lockdown period the past several months I buckled down and made my first game: Spice Evaders.
It can be downloaded for free here (Windows, 41MB, about 25 min long):


A word of warning: it's a shmup (containing horizontal, vertical, and rail shooter segments), so it's fairly difficult. However, there's 3 difficulty levels and I tried to make "Mild" mode accessible for people who don't usually play Nintendo Hard games.
I'm chiefly an illustrator and composer, so the game was created as an opportunity for me to make a soundtrack and pixel art, and I had no programming experience before starting it. It's a little rough around the edges, but I enjoyed making it and I'm proud of the art and music. I think it's fun.

If you're a fan of classic heavy metal you might pick up on some references scattered throughout. Also: it comes with an instruction manual with some cheesy drawings and PRO TIPS. If you'd like to check out the music without having to get wrecked by spicy food aliens, the whole soundtrack is on YouTube (accessible from the link above).



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Nice game. Thank you! :)