Luyren's AI and Combat Pack


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After some discussion on Stencyl's Discord server, I was inspired to add a feature to the ​Actor Registry ​behavior to sort the Z-order of actors on a per layer basis. This is useful for top-down games with orthogonal persepective, and allow your actors to convincingly move through objects without weird overlaps. Think of it like in Zelda games, where Link can be behind or in front of fences or other characters, for example.

This behavior also had some performance optimizations. To get this update, redownload the pack. If you want to update an existing game, the best option is to remove the old pack and all its resources, and import the new version. An alternative is to import the pack into a separate game, export only the ​Actor Registry ​behavior and replace the old version from your game.

As always, you can get it here:
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