How do I add my actor to events instead of placing it in the scene?


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Hi I'm really new to Stencyl.
I'm trying to draw an image of an actor in my Events but the only way I can do that is if I place it in the Scene first.
I don't want to do that since I want to place the image where I click it with the mouse.
I don't want the image of the actor stuck in the background as I play. When I don't have the actor placed in the Scene, the Events can't detect the actor through the drop down option.

Is there a way to add actors to Events without placing it in the Scene first?
Thanks in advance.


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If you want to reference an actor, it must exist in the scene. Either create your actor through, store it in an attribute and draw its image where you want it, or load an image from file:
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Thanks for the response Luyren!

I will try the attributes way. I'm going to tinker with Stencyl and figure it out.
Thanks for being quick to respond :)