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I cant open stencyl
i went to stencylamd downloaded mac zip and cant open it after downloading


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Hi, welcome to Stencyl

Please try the following

1) Drag the red Stencyl Icon out of the folder and place it on your desktop
2) Drag the red Stencyl Icon bag in to the Stencyl folder
3) Double click the red Stencyl Icon

Hopefully this should let you run the program


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I am recreating super mario bros 3 and I got stuck in the part where mario hits the mushroom, how do I grow it, i mind, how I change all the graphics for each of its animations



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gamegmagemame, I found that the app labeled "Stencyl" with the red Stencyl icon doesn't actually work, it justs closes automatically. Instead, try opening "sw.jar" and it'll probably open the actual program.