Can you make an online 2 player game with Stencyl?


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I've made a very rough early demo of a game.

I would like to know if it's possible for me to play against my brother online on my website using Stencyl?, while we are both in different locations during lockdown.


Use left and right arrow to move player left and right.
watch the energy bar. when you are happy HOLD DOWN AND KEEP DOWN SPACE BAR. Your player will move forward. With the space bar still held down release it whenever you want before you reach the red line.
Press and hold down "C" at anytime to view the target.
To end your turn press "E" (please note that you should let your curling stone stop first otherwise it will be removed automatically when you press "E" if it's not within the "playable zone".

Thanks for any help / advice.


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Although possible, it's not an easy feat. Take a look at this thread if you are willing to put the effort:,61080.0.html

It does say that it's intended for experienced users, so keep that in mind.
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Thanks for the link Luyren!

I'll look into it.....