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I’m making a game for mobile. I’d like to get things right from the start
I’m aiming to make my game for my iPad air2. The screen size for an iPad Air 2 is  w = 1536 pixels h = 2048 pixels. (Portrait mode)
However, I want it to be compatible with android and other mobile devices / screen sizes.

Should I be making my background image as w = 6144 pixels h = 8192 pixels and then import my background in 4x resolution?

Also, should I be making my actors 4 times bigger than they need to be and then import them at 4x?

Thanks for any help.

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I'd refer to the Stencylpedia article:
That said, what you described seems to match what the article says. One thing you should do is place HUD actors relative to the screen in your code, or build scenes that can work on smaller resolutions.
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