C64 Graphics Simulation - Help?


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Now this is a little weird to ask, but I'll ask it anyway.
I recently have been interested in Commodore 64 games, and I want to see if I can create something that appears and sounds like it was made for it.
I have already found a sprite editor and a music tracker to use, but the limitations of C64 graphics I chose to use, which is media mode, requires the screen's pixels to be twice as long in width. Now I always make games that have resolutions based on what I'd want it to appear as, for example: 256x244 for SNES, 160x144 for GB, and for the C64: 320x200 (Media mode is technically 160x200).
The question is, How do I elongate the screen pixels to twice the width?
That is how the C64 graphics work, where in Multi-color mode, that is the price, but I will work with it.
If I need to clarify something, please tell me!
(P.S. Media mode and Multi-color mode are the same thing)

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The only way I can think to do this would be to draw each pixel manually. The good news is that drawing 32,000 pixels at 60 FPS, even in software, can be done--although this will likely exceed the capacity of the Image API pixel draw routines. You would need to use a third party library like I used for my isometric engine.

Unfortunately, I think this will then rule out using actors for your sprites. You'll need to get closer to basics, but, at least, that might add a bit more authenticity to your game.

If you are targeting a platform with shaders available then that would give you another route.


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I suppose another way I can contemplate is making the pixel-snapping snap to pixel in twos instead of one.
Do you know how I could do that?