Image API Layering issues


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I'm making a sequence animation that I will stick into my games made after I make this, and I am having issues.
This animation (made with Stencyl) is going to be very graphically focused, inspired from the MEGA-CD (EUR) Opening BIOS animation, and with that there is a lot of layer-swapping occurring (See for what that is).
When it comes to what I'm doing, the text showing my name is supposed to at first shrink into view at the very front, and then is supposed to switch to a layer behind another image while running; However, when attempting this, the layer the image is on did not seem to shift behind the other objects.
The problem exactly: The image instance will seemingly not change its Z-position (Layer) in runtime
Extra info:
 - I have 3 layers at the moment: Top, Mid, Bottom; and my name is on the top at first and needs to go to the bottom in runtime;
 - There is a lot of tweening with my name's image instance (more than the other instances);
 + Ask me for more info if it's needed
Help is always appreciated

Max Marin

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what I would do is, depending on the size of the image, send it to the background or to the front for example
if image 1 is bigger than image two then put image 1 in front and image 2 in back

I hope it helps you