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Can anyone give advice, perhaps just based on common experience, on how to determine a good sound level for imported sound files (I use Audacity to edit sounds)? Mobile devices are all different and I do not want a user to set his or her device to max volume with my sound files still being too low. Or is it so that iOS and Android internally do their own normalization?

I ask this because I currently have sound files which, with my own mobile device set to max volume, come out fine, but on someone else's unit it might be too low. My app is for speech therapy, so enough sound is critical.


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repeat _ times (repeat loop count)
play sound on channel _ + (repeat loop count)

game attribute (user want number)

Orange left side triangle: click me decrease the number until it becomes 1
Orange right side triangle: click me increase the number until it becomes __

Let user decides how to hurt their ears so


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Hi Gcarne,
the bandpass of a phone is between 300hz and 3400hz ( I guess, on new phone the bandpass can be wider) so you must apply a HighPass and a LowPass effects on your sound :
Audacity > Effect > HighPass : 300
Audacity > Effect > LowPas : 3400

After you can amplifie your sound : you can use the compressor effect (I'm not going to teach you how it works, it would be too long, but you have plenty of tutorial and explanation on youtube...) :
Audacity > Effect > Compressor

Finally you can apply a simple Amplifie effect : the peaks of your sound should be at maximum -1db :
Audacity > Effect > Amplifie > Move the slider so the new value is -1db

I think the most important part to understand is the Low/High Pass effects : with these you can remove frequencies that disturb your sound and make it brighter for the phone user. Watch tutorials about it :)
follow me :  :)


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Thanks a lot, this helped and gave me a route forward.   :)