SOLVED - "Set tile" block Issue


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Hi there!

I need to create the second floor of the scene on the fly, so I'm using the "set tile at..." block.
The first floor is created using the palette.
What I'm finding is that there's a diference (as you can see in the screenshot) between both floors that is causing some movement problems to the actor (player).
Actually, there's a space between the second and third tile that is avoiding walking across it. (the first and second tile in the second floor are also created using the palette).
I guess I need to get same kind of collision bound that I have in the first floor. That'd be the whole row in one, and not one bound per tile, but I don't know how to get this.

Thanks beforehand!  :)

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When you place tiles in the scene designer, Stencyl combines all of them in a single shape during compile. The same does not happen when you add tiles at run time. A better option is to use actors instead, and you could make one single big actor that spans the length of the 2nd floor, to prevent the snagging from happening. If snagging is the only issue, that should suffice.

Another option is to use one of the resource packs I made, which have behaviors for semi-solid platform support. In both cases, you shouldn't need to create the 2nd floor at runtime, instead you would place everything on the scene designer.
My Stencyl resources are available here:
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I've tried using the actor and it works. Thanks!!  :D
I'm taking a look to your resource packs anyway.

I appreciate your help Luyren