How do you get a font by name?


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I am trying to get a font by name (e.g. "BigRedFont").

The usual way in the engine to do this is to use the
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getFont(id) function, but that takes the font ID, not its name and that's not very helpful.

I saw this post ( about this topic which says to use the following code:

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for (res in Data.get().resources)
   if (, Font) && == "Font Name Here")
       return cast (res, Font);       

return null;

However,  this does not work for me. It returns null.
So I went and printed (traced) the whole Data.get().resources object and I noticed that multiple of my fonts are missing from there.

My guess is that the fonts are not loaded yet in the scene, but I was out of luck browsing the Stencyl Haxe API for a solution.

Does anyone know a foolproof method to get a Font by its resource name?

Thanks a lot!


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Recreate the attached image. It uses a global custom block with a text parameter called "FontName" and an "Import" event. The code reads:
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import com.stencyl.Data;
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return cast Data.get().resourceMap.get(__FontName);
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