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I'm in the process of sorting an inventory behaviour and I'm after some advice on how do I go about adding amounts to an item. Currently my inventory works by adding the item to the game attribute when the player collides with it providing there is space then a scene behaviour display the item in the inventory but I'm hoping to be able to hold multiple of the same item in just one space for when I eventually add shop and crafting systems.

so e.g
index 0 is holding 4 potions
index 1 is holding 60 wood

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks.


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There is an inventory behavior available here:
There are custom blocks to add and remove items to the inventory, as well as custom blocks to check for item amount and other things.

As for your own code:
You can use two lists, one with the item name and another with the amount, and make sure their indexes always match. So if you are referencing index 0 in one, you are also referencing index 0 in the other.

If your inventory can only have one item stack, you can have a map attribute with the name as the key and its value as the amount.

Another option is to store in one list both name and amount with a separator, for example "Wood/60", and use the split text block to retrieve the amount. This will require more text manipulation when modifying the amount.
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Hi Luyren, Thank you for your response, I had been using your inventory behaviour for the past month and it really helped me understand lists and learn a lot so thank you for that I admire your work, however I wanted to be more self sufficient with this current game.  I will try your suggestions tonight, Thank you again.