Android Version 11


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Android 11 is, at least according to Wikipedia, available since Sep 2020. The highest target version I can get in Stencyl is Android 10. I have done the "Download Android Tools". Is it not possible to set the target version to 11?


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Within Stencyl, "Target version" is used under Settings > Mobile > Versions. The highest target version I have available there is "API 30 - Android 11" in the most recent private build.

The android tools are located under Preferences > Tools.

Your use of both "target" and "android tools" got me confused. In any case, for the time being you can probably download yourself Android 11 or the most recent version of the android tools and have Stencyl point to that, in case Stencyl is not downloading whatever tools are most recent.

If you do mean the target version under settings, the current public build only goes up to API 29 - Android 10. A future Stencyl update will likely include the most recent options.
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