Lists using something else than numbers for keys - ANSWERED


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Hello there,

Is it possible to create "List" type attributes that use something other than number for its keys?
More like an array, the key being a text, and the value a number or text as usual

 Something like:

List X:
bananas - 2
apples - 17
grapes - 0

(I could do it on code block but im not sure if then I caould use the array in other design mode blocks)

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delimiters could be used to split single items in your list into names and quantities. For instance, "Apples,4" would tell SW that you have 4 apples by separating at the delimiter - a comma in this case.
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Choose Hectate's method if you want pure Design Mode. In case you're willing to use code, that is AS3, then there several ways to implement a dictionary/map, as it seems to be what you want.

Any Object acts as dictionary and you can also use AS3's Dictionary class. Stencyl's API also offers a class named HashSet.

Behaviors are declared as dynamic classes, which means you can add members on the fly (!).
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Thanks a lot guys, trying it right now.