Ask User to Rate your app [3.0 extension]


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Converts well and positively if you time it right. Will be optional. Specify the # of launches and the # of days before showing this dialog.

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Seriously Jon, your finger is on the pulse!


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I would love to be able to decide exactly when this dialogue is presented to the player. Some of the most successful examples are when the game asks you to rate/review immediately after achieving a high score or completing a mission/level. That way the player is excited about a recent accomplishment and more like to leave a good review. I feel like this would be better than just having a random dialogue pop up after so many launches/days.

btw, I came here specifically to request this and saw that you are already on top of it :)


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@x70x i really like your idea, capturing ratings during a players peak experience of your app. it is along the same lines of how kiip (achievement based advertising/rewards) works.


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+1 we need this!


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Did this happen or is it in 3.0?