[iOS] [SW1.4P] Actor briefly flickers in at top left when sliding


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In SW 1.4 Preview:

I'm still getting the bug described here:



- When an actor is being slided/tweened to a position, it briefly flickers in at the top left. (We're assuming this is [0,0].)

- It only happens at 60 FPS, not 30.

- It only happens on the device, not the simulator.

- It seems to be very visible when a bunch of actors are being Slide-to'd at the same time. (over 1 sec, Normal In/Out)*

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The change log for 1.4P ("Slide By was broken") seems to imply this was fixed, so I'm just giving you a heads-up.

If you want me to send a game (27MB) that produces the bug, let me know.


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Yeah, I didn't fix that one (only slide by) yet.


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noticed the same error with the parallax behavior from the forge. i tried it with "slide to" for a smoother movement, but background actors flicker wildly on the device not on simulator.