How do I erase saved data? ANSWERED


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This might be quite a noobish question but...

Where does flash saves the files relative to saved games? So I can delete them. :P

Or is there some way in the code to force the clearing of loaded game files?

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You can set all the game attributes to whatever "default" state you want, then save. That will "reset" it. Its a pain if you have a lot of GAs, though. I'm sure there's a better way in code, but I don't have access to peek at it right now.


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What I did was use the code call of the save/load blocks to save a different file when the game begins, and load this file whenever I want to start a new game.

You can check the actual code in the preview code tab.
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Thank you very much for your replies guys, I am using a mix of both techniques for my save/load.

By the way Stencyl saves data in the regular flash data saving directory, if you need to delete:

user/appdata/roaming/macromedia/flashplayer/sharedobjects/(sumnumbernletters)/(in my case localhost folder)