Outrun style movement


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Is it possible to make a game similar to Out Run, or the Sonic 2 special stage?

I'm trying to make a simple game where the character moves left and right to dodge or jump over incoming objects like rocks, but I'm not sure where to start and I couldn't find any resources apart from two-way movement.


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So you want Mode 7? We don't support it but it can be done with code.
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Out Run doesn't use the same type of zooming/tilt effect as Mode 7. The 'Super-Scaler' 3d effect from those early Sega games uses small cut up sprites, stacked on top of each other to give the illusion of perspective & then scaled in size as you move. Mode 7 tends to be a big chunk of background art zoomed in & tilted out to give perspective/movement.

Both techniques are possible in Stencyl but will be advanced, CPU intensive & need some serious Maths to get working convincingly.


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I'm not trying to use Mode 7 or do anything too fancy. Just a go straight dodge incoming objects sort of driving game.

Okay let me elaborate more (sorry if I was too vague before)

    • Rocks fall from the sky
    • Land on horizion and start coming towards you using movement and resizing of sprite
    • When collide with player, lose health/die unless you jump over it
    • Emerging spikes move toward the player in a wave pattern
    • Too tall to jump, so must dodge
    • Fireballs that must be ducked (only a problem to the player if combined with rocks)

I have the grow code in the always box, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Tried looking on stencylpedia, but there was nothing on resizing sprites.

I'm more used to Multimedia Fusion, and it's been a while since I made anything, so I'm not too used to actual coding, more of events trial-and-error.

I just figured Stencyl would be less likely to crash judging from how well all the games here are programmed.


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Your "grow by" might be part of it. You're telling it to grow by "width x 2" percent, for example. So if your actor starts at 32 pixels wide, you're going to tell it to grow by 64%, not double width. Is that intentional?
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Bumping this as some guy is making an OutRun clone (JAVA) over here and it really breaks down the whole scaling this (and is a jolly good read!)