How to make collectibles stay collected?


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For a game with a small number of scenes, you could make a different game attribute for each scene. For larger games, you'd have to do as the others in this thread said and combine the scene ID and actor IDs (hansbe's example does this).


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Thought I'd post my method here. Works for me!
First one is an actor behaviour and the second one is a scene behaviour.
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This is how the behaviors look right now, other is Actor behavior and other is Scene behavior, they are otherwise fine, killing already collected actors, but actors with same .ID are still being killed, How should I edit these?


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Bump for great justice! I am still battling with this, and I might need it for a game soon, so any help would be appreciated. I'm wondering what I am doing wrong with the above behaviors.


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If you search in the forge for 'collectible' i think you should find my example. Please say if it doesn't work!


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I just solved this another way: I already need to know which scene I'm in for various purposes, so I defined a 'CurrentScene' game attribute that I set at creation with an unique numeric scene id of my choice. Then I put that scene id combined with the actor id in the list, resulting in an unique actor id like '1.3'.