[iOS] [SW1.4P4] Drag-release generates weird [0,0] events


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Okay, this is a weird bug -- but it's been driving me nuts for days. I've tried my best to track it down or find a workaround, but I can't.

In certain situations, I'm allowing the user to drag an actor left or right.

Upon the drag event, I switch the actor to a different animation (one with no collision boundaries, allowing free movement). No problem, no bug.

Upon the RELEASE, the bug happens: it still thinks it's dragging -- at coordinate [0,0]. This is screwing up my game big-time.

After extensive testing, I've found that it only happens when I switch the actor to a different animation upon the drag event. I had thought it was related to the loss of collision bounds, but it's not. Switching to a different animation with the same collision bounds produces the same bug.

Frequency of the bug:
- Upon a slow, deliberate drag: Occasionally
- Upon a quick drag, like a swipe or flick: Almost Always

Location of the bug:
- On the iPhone device -- iPhone 4S, iOS 5. (I'm not using the simulator much these days -- it taxes my CPU badly.)

Jon, I'm going to email you a test game. Any advice would be most appreciated.

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(This is an update of a question I posted here...
... I thought I had found a workaround, but it turns out that didn't work.)


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Replied to your e-mail. This is complicated and requires more investigation.