Anyone interested in an inventory resource pack?


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Hi all,

I've been using Stencyl work a little over a week now, and i noticed what a helpful and friendly community this is. I'd like to contribute to it by sharing the inventory behaviour i'm creating.

The inventory system is intended to be used for point-and-click and adventure games, but i suppose with some modifications it could be use for other genres aswell. Just don't expect a solve-all, end-all solution. :)
Some of the features include:

  • Configurable size of entire inventory system so you can adjust it to your graphics.
  • Scrollable (via actor buttons), with configurable amount of inventory items visible
  • Move inventory out of and into screen on focus/blur (speed of move can be configured)
  • Inspect inventory items in a closeup view
  • Combine inventory items with eachother

These are the functionalities i've got planned so far, with the detail view and item combining still to be implemented.

I expect to have it finished and properly debugged (after that they're called 'features', haha) in a week or so.

Would anyone be interested to see this contributed as a resource kit for StencylForge?
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I would love to see this as a resource kit :D I am looking for a inventory that allows drag and drop. For instance you grab items on screen with mouse, drag them to the inventory boxes below and they are added to your inventory for later use. Would this be available in your inventory resource kit?



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Hi InsertCoin25. Thanks for your interest!

At the moment, the only way to add a new item to inventory is to click the actor on screen, or by combining two inventory items.

I hadn't considered dragging items to the inventory, since it doesn't seem to a common functionality in point-'n-click / adventure games. But i suppose with some refactoring it should be possible to add this type of behaviour as a configurable option.

Right now there are a LOT of options that can be configured, and i'm starting to worry if this isn't going to be counter productive for people other then me. With the current state of things, i'll need to include a tutorial of sorts to introduce new users to the working of the behaviour.

Using public properties to keep things configurable might seem like a good idea, but it gets tedious and error prone when you have to set the same values for every scene, especially if you have dozens or even more.

These are things that have held me back from finishing and publishing the resource yet. If i am going to make a contribution, i'd like it to be one that is actually usefull. So i have some important decisions to make in this regard before i can continue forward.

Has anyone else run into this kind of design problems when trying to keep things configurable?
Your input would be much appreciated!

In any case, i'll post a demo shortly to showcase the different possibilities of the behaviour and ask for some feedback.

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I have been using the MouseDrag behavior for drag and drop and it works well :). Maybe you could use this in conjunction with your projection to make drag and drop work. I hope you continue this project because I know it will be a great benefit not only to myself but the community as a whole. Best of luck on the project and hope to see something soon :).



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I really need to learn how to use an inventory,so I'm def interested in an inventory on stencylforge