S.O.P.A law and Free flash game industry


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guverment withdrew SOAP and PIPA but they still took down megaupload.com cause our guverment is corupted now the anonymous hacker legion is angry and gonna have mafia sponsored internet war with guverment. we are legion we do not forget we r anoymous

~ Blob
i agree, majestic12 are on us all time and we can't afford drinking the kool aid anymore, otherwise obbbamas will call the illuminatti any time soon and BAM, NEW WORLD ORDER.

Serious moment now:
Regardless of PIPA/SOPA being bad (which is what I think about them), the guy from MegaUpload was a jerk. He gave money to people that uploaded pirated content and he didn't take down pirated content, so he was winning millions with copy-write infringement.
Makes me a bit sad that Anonymous did all these .gov attacks because of that thief instead of having a legitimate reason. (e.g. SOPA/PIPA/NDAA/ACTA/Bradley Manning/Guantanamo/Occupy/etc.) They do better than that.

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