Some troubles with number lists (SOLVED)


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Hello there!

I am still having some troubles with list type game attributes

I have a list with several items(indexes) and set them to default number values, but when I set a variable to a given index of this list, it returns a Not a Number (NaN). It happens even if I wrap the "get item X from list Y" in a "as number" block.

Am I understanding this list thing all wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Lists can be finicky... it helps a lot to see the actual coding that you are using. Are you using the ACTUAL "get item from list as number" grabber (NOT two pieces of coding, it's one combined code in Attributes -> Lists)... if not, that's your issue.
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Oh ... m,y... god...

I feel so dumb, I was wrapping things int "as number" blocks, and then wrapping then in the general list getters. Now with the single block it works!

Thanks so much for helping me, Abigayl!!