BUGLY - my first istencyl game


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I think it's time to announce my puzzle game, Bugly. It's my first game made using Stencyl. I developed about 25% over on GameSalad, then joined Stencyl so rebuilt it from scratch here and I'm very pleased with the results.

If possible I would be very grateful for the help of 3 or 4 members who would be willing to receive and test an ad-hoc version of the game, checking for bugs, trying to break the game and menus etc, and for feedback on playability, enjoyment etc. PM me if you can help. I would be happy to do the same in return for your games and will give you a promo code for the full version.

Bugly is a brain-speed-action puzzle game where the player must create and pop (for want of a better word) chains of 3 or more bugs of the same colour. Bugs touched that are not in a chain make the 6 bugs around it rotate clockwise one position. This allows for quickly moving bugs around the board to form chains.

Making a chain of black bugs flushes and refills the board. This can be used when the player is struggling to make new chains quickly - however 5 seconds are lost, so use wisely.

During play new colours are introduced. Each chain popped adds a certain amount of time to the clock. The clock starts with 30 seconds but you can quickly make that up to 60 seconds. However with each introduction of a new coloured bug the maximum time allowed is reduced, ending with a 20 second window to stay alive in - meaning moving bugs into place quickly is essential to survive!

The game features :

- unique gameplay mechanics (if anyone knows of another game that works like this with rotation please let me know)
- simple instructions and hints
- achievements and leaderboard (Game Center) and local hi score
- choice of bugs or balls
- great sound fx and original music

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Great screenshots! I'd love to try it but no iOS devices so not this time.

Bejewelled Twist uses a 4-gem rotation system instead of the traditional 2-gem swap.
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Same, would love to test it, but no iOS. :/


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@hectate - thanks, the second shot was quickly taken on the phone it doesn't really explain how the game works but I hope to make a video in the week. Shame you can't test. I had a look at bejewelled twist, thanks for the link - its similar but not the same (which is good). On Bugly the centre one stays still and the 6 around it rotate position.

@thyraven - thanks anyway :) unfortunately it doesn't play well in Flash


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Cool looking game. Can't wait to try the full/final version!


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I'm in if you need, iPhone 3GS and iPad 2.
Contact me by email.


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@Jon - cheers, I'll definitely send you a promo code once published. I hope it is cool!!

@Aasimar, thanks that would be great. Will contact you during the week to get details for the ad-hoc testers build.

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I can volunteer as well with a 3gs.


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Thanks chaosoul - I'll contact you, Aasimar and cosmoarcade soon to get device details. Just wrapping up sounds, music and few finishing touches.


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@Aasimar and @chaosoul - I've PM'ed you both to ask for your phone's UDID for the ad-hoc build, if you can still help with testing my game? Thanks :D